Farm Rescue was founded by Bill Gross (above, third from right), a native North Dakotan and full-time pilot for UPS Airlines. Like so many farm boys before him, Bill's heart never left his family's farm and ranch at Cleveland, ND. And like so many other farm families, his parents encouraged him to leave that farm in pursuit of a better life.

But from a bird's eye view, flying back and forth across our nation at 40,000 feet, Bill kept looking at the farms below. The changing demographics of rural America - fewer farms, less children per family, fewer neighbors - troubled him. And always in the back of his mind, he remembered his father's concern about what would happen to their farm should anything debilitating happen.

So on a long flight over the Pacific Ocean one day, when one of Bill's co-pilots asked him what he was going to do when he retired, Bill didn't hesitate: "I'm going to be this Good Samaritan that buys a tractor and goes around and helps farm families plant their crops."

That generated some laughter until his coworker realized Bill was serious. "Well, why wait until you retire?" he challenged.

Bill Gross launched Farm Rescue in 2005.